About our events

List of Events

  1. Two boys building a sculpture outdoors using found pieces of wood.

    Outdoor Sculpture Building: Come Rain, Come Shine

    Immerse yourself in an imaginative world of sculpture making. Work and play together to build outdoor sculptures inspired by artists in the park.
  2. Visitor inside Roger Hiorns Seizure, 2008, Courtesy Arts Council Collection at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

    Seizure Admission

    In order to conserve the artwork and extend it's lifespan, access to Seizure is by pre-booked time slot only. Capacity is limited and we recommend booking prior to your visit to avoid disappointment. Admission to YSP is included in all Seizure tickets.
  3. A family playing in the Hidden Forest.

    Hidden Forest Fridays

    Drop-in to the magical Hidden Forest and follow your child’s imagination as they explore, create and play under a canopy of trees.
  4. A group of people practicing yoga inside a gallery space, with colourful fabric hangings and paintings.

    Yoga and Sound Bath Relaxation: Leilah Babirye

    Join us for a yoga practice in the Chapel, surrounded by Leilah Babirye's Obumu (Unity) exhibition. Enjoy a breath-led, physical practice followed by a deep relaxation session, accompanied by the soothing vibrations of sound.
  5. A group of children drawing in a gallery space

    Artful Saturdays: a creative family gathering

    Join us to make, discover and play every month in the Underground Gallery.
  6. Little Wild Wood

    Discover Little Wild Wood – our natural creative play space, designed to inspire imaginations – somewhere for kids to connect to nature and sculpture at their level.
  7. A table filled with small plates of food while hands holding forks reach for the food.

    Food and Drink

  8. A shelving display of homewares

    Browse YSP Shop

  9. A silver sculpture of two figures dancing. A lake, trees and foliage surround it.

    Explore Art Outdoors

  10. A man waring a patterned shirt and glasses, posing next to a lobster made from bread

    Yorkshire Day Afternoon Tea hosted by GBBO's Rowan Claughton

    Celebrate Yorkshire Day with afternoon tea, specially curated for YSP by Great British Bake Off 2023 favourite Rowan Claughton.
  11. A display of human-animal hybrid figures on plinths

    Opera North Youth Company: Songs of Alchemy

    Join the Opera North Youth Company for a 30 minute performance inspired by Bharti Kher's Alchemies exhibition in the Underground Gallery.
  12. A boy taking a phone photograph of a brightly coloured mosaic Buddha figure.

    Sculpture Spy Activity

    There are around 100 outdoor sculptures to be discovered at YSP. How many will you spy today?
  13. A group of adults and babies playing with suspended shiny discs outdoors

    Sculpture Baby: Hidden Forest

    Spend creative time outdoors with your baby and enjoy this sensory session inspired by the artworks and nature in the Park.
  14. A black woman carving a human head out of stone in a workshop.

    5 Day Stone Carving Course with Marcia Bennett-Male

    Learn the traditional skill of stone carving, guided by Royal Society of Sculptors member, Marcia Bennett-Male.
  15. A person sitting cross legged holding a singing bowl

    Sound Bath: Bharti Kher

    Let go of the stresses of modern life and immerse yourself in a soothing sound bath session designed to rejuvenate your mind and body, surrounded by Bharti Kher's Alchemies exhibition.
  16. A man in an orange coat doing sign language outdoors

    Bharti Kher: Alchemies BSL Tour

    Join us for a British Sign Language Sculpture tour of the extraordinary Bharti Kher: Alchemies exhibition in the Underground Gallery specially for BSL users.
  17. A flock of geese flying over a lake at sunset

    Sculpture and Nature Hunt

    Seek out sculptures and discover the beauty of nature at YSP.
  18. A man signing to a group of people outdoors, including a person using a mobility scooter

    Signs of the Landscape

    Join us for a fascinating walk with a difference to discover and learn British Sign Language (BSL) for the nature at YSP.
  19. Two babies playing with long white tubes

    Sculpture Baby: Bharti Kher

    Spend creative time with your baby and enjoy this sensory session inspired by the Bharti Kher exhibition in the Underground Gallery.
  20. A large tree, enclosed by a circular dry stone wall

    Andy Goldsworthy Trail

    Andy Goldsworthy has created four permanent works in the landscape at YSP. Follow our three-mile circular trail and see if you can find them all.
  21. A group of people practicing yoga in a gallery space, surrounded by colourful fabric hangings.

    Yoga and Sound Bath Relaxation: Bharti Kher

    Join us for a yoga practice in the Underground Gallery, surrounded by the Bharti Kher: Alchemies exhibition. Enjoy a breath-led, physical practice followed by a deep relaxation session, accompanied by the soothing vibrations of sound.
  22. A painting of two figures next to a table.

    Painting with rollers workshop with artist Carol Douglas

    Join York based artist Carol Douglas for a practical workshop learning how to paint with by rollers.
  23. A South Asian woman wearing black overalls, standing between figurative sculptures in her studio.

    Bharti Kher in conversation with Clare Lilley

    Join one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, Bharti Kher, in conversation with Yorkshire Sculpture Park’s Director, Clare Lilley.