List of Current exhibitions

  1. Anatomical sculpture of a pregnant woman and fetus in the parkland at YSP.
    Now showing

    Damien Hirst

    Visit the Country Park to see four major sculptures by Damien Hirst.
  2. Red, blue and green LOVE sculpture on a grass mound at YSP.
    Now showing

    Robert Indiana: Sculpture 1958-2018

    YSP presents the first major European exhibition of sculpture, painting and prints by American artist Robert Indiana.
  3. Now showing

    Jordan McKenzie: Shame Chorus

    The feelings that arise from being forced to conceal your sexuality are a theme of McKenzie’s audio work Shame Chorus (2017). The artist refers to American writer Brene´ Brown who says that shame: “needs three things to grow... secrecy, silence and judgment”. These ideas of shame and secrecy resonate with issues that affected Robert Indiana’s own life.
  4. Now showing

    Janine Burrows: Table to Tide: A Yorkshire Conversation

    Table to Tide: A Yorkshire Conversation brings together a new body of work by Yorkshire-based designer, painter and illustrator Janine Burrows, celebrating the Yorkshire landscape.
  5. Now showing

    Jaume Plensa: In small places, close to home

    YSP presents two complementary exhibitions of drawings by Jaume Plensa. The exhibitions are staged in collaboration with the Picasso Museum, Antibes, France. Drawing is a very important part of Plensa's practice, as are themes of language and silence; darkness and light.
  6. Now showing

    Summer of Love

    The Summer of Love is a series of projects and events at YSP about love and community. It will run from the summer solstice to the autumn equinox. The solstice is the longest day of the year, and the equinox marks the start of autumn. During this time artists will explore ideas around relationships, love, connection and understanding.
  7. Now showing

    On Queer Ground

    Rural environments are frequently seen as existing in opposition to queerness, with urban spaces typically being more accepting places for LGBTQIA+ people. This exhibition looks at ways in which queer artists are re-connecting with the landscapes around them by mapping and navigating their queer identity within these places, and disrupting traditional or prescribed ways of looking and understanding.
  8. Now showing

    Jason Wilsher-Mills: Jason and his Argonauts in Love

    Jason Wilsher-Mills uses iPads and Wacom tablets to create bright, celebratory and poignant works exploring themes of disability. His digital drawings are then translated into huge inflatable works or human-sized fibreglass sculptures. Colourful and bold, his works are acts of activism that are visually captivating and use their joyfulness to begin serious conversations.
  9. Now showing

    Roger Hiorns: A Retrospective View of the Pathway

    Roger Hiorns temporarily transforms the familiar YSP landscape with clouds of foam in this interactive artwork as part of the Summer of Love.

Future exhibitions

  1. Upcoming

    Samantha Bryan: The Adventure So Far

    Working from her garden studio in West Yorkshire, the designer, maker and illustrator Samantha Bryan creates a delicate, humorous yet industrious species of fairy.
  2. Upcoming

    Daniel Arsham: Relics in the Landscape

    YSP presents the first UK museum display of work by the highly acclaimed North American artist Daniel Arsham.
  3. A life-like handcrafted dog wearing a knitted jumper and overalls.

    Annie Montgomerie: Hand Me Downs

    Annie Montgomerie’s work explores childhood and the emotions associated with that stage of life. She works with vintage fabrics and found objects to create figures that comine her interest in childhood with her love of animals.
  4. Upcoming

    Lakwena Maciver: A green and pleasant land (HA-HA)