About our exhibitions

List of Current exhibitions

  1. A large bronze sculpture of a woman wearing a draped robe with her arms outstretched.
    Now showing

    Daniel Arsham: Relics in the Landscape

    Explore four 'future relics' by the highly acclaimed North American artist Daniel Arsham in the Formal Garden.
  2. A ceramic face with it's tongue out, with green leaf-like hair.
    Now showing

    Jonathan Baldock: Touch Wood

    Immerse yourself in Jonathan Baldock's Touch Wood exhibition, inspired by the seasons, folklore, Wakefield Cathedral, and connections to nature.
  3. A display of miniature carved wooden houses.
    Now showing

    Yukihiro Akama: Basho no Kankaku – A Sense of Place 場所の感覚

    Enter Yukihiro Akama’s world of intricately carved wooden houses of various sizes – from the size of a 50p piece to over 1m tall – each carved from a single piece of wood.
  4. A collection of carved wood and ceramic figures in a gallery.
    Now showing

    Leilah Babirye: Obumu (Unity)

    Leilah Babirye's clan of larger-than-life-size figures have been carved from trees that had reached the end of their life in the Park.
  5. A child's pencil drawing of a rope
    Now showing

    Learning Through Drawing

    From 23 March 2024
    An exhibition of children's artwork, curated by pupils from Thornhill Primary School in Rotherham and Pate’s Grammar School in Cheltenham who helped to select artwork from the National Arts education Archive (NAEA)
  6. A woman with long blonde hair working on a piece of metal at a workspace.
    Now showing

    Yorkshire Artspace: Maker Showcase

    YSP and Yorkshire Artspace have collaborated to showcase work by 17 exceptional makers in YSP Centre, spanning contemporary ceramics, silversmithing, jewellery and leather work.
  7. Anatomical sculpture of a pregnant woman and fetus in the parkland at YSP.
    Now showing

    Damien Hirst

    Discover three captivating sculptures by illustrious Yorkshire-born artist, Damien Hirst.

Future exhibitions

  1. A sculpture of a woman with a giant cows head.

    Bharti Kher: Alchemies

    An unmissable, powerful exhibition of sculpture and 2D work by one of the world’s leading contemporary artists, opening on Saturday 22 June.
  2. A painting of a bowl of fruit on a checked table cloth.

    Carol Douglas: Actually I Can

    York-based painter Carol Douglas retrained as a painter in her 60s after being discouraged from an art career in her youth, painting with rollers rather than the traditional paint brush.
  3. A bronze sculpture of a horse lying down.

    Elisabeth Frink: Natural Connection

    Plan a visit to see this very special exhibition of exceptional sculpture and prints that celebrate animals and the human form.
  4. Two women, one wearing a pink night gown and one wearing a red knitted hood, looking into a camera outdoors.

    Astrid Butt: Yorkshire Graduate Award

    Visit the Boathouse to see the short film created by Yorkshire Graduate Award 2023 recipient, Astrid Butt.
  5. Upcoming

    Deborah Rundle

    From Autumn 2024
    Following her residency in 2022, Deborah Rundle will share work created as a result of her research at YSP. The focus of her time in Yorkshire was an investigation into the intriguing history of Ann Ellis, who in 1875 led a group of 9,000 weavers on strike action in Dewsbury.
  6. A lithograph print of a garden in shades of yellow and green

    Sarah Kirby

    Sarah Kirby is a linocut printmaker. She uses oil-based inks to create original prints with a bold graphic quality that are inspired by public spaces, buildings, gardening, plants and trees.