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Future Exhibitions


Janine Burrows: Table to Tide: A Yorkshire Conversation

11 Jun–23 Oct 2022

Table to Tide: A Yorkshire Conversation brings together a new body of work by Yorkshire-based designer, painter and illustrator Janine Burrows, celebrating the Yorkshire landscape.


Jaume Plensa: In small places, close to home

18 Jun–30 Oct 2022

“As a sculptor, I always need to collaborate with other people to bring my work to life, but when I draw, my work flows directly from my brain and my heart onto my hands and the paper. Drawing...


Summer of Love

21 Jun–22 Sep 2022

Summer of Love is a series of events and projects that celebrates human relationships, understanding and love between people.  


On Queer Ground

9 Jul–4 Sep 2022

Rural environments are frequently seen as existing in opposition to queerness, with urban spaces typically being more accepting places for LGBTQIA+ people. This exhibition looks at ways in which queer...


Jason Wilsher-Mills: Jason and his Argonauts in Love

16 Jul–4 Sep 2022

Jason Wilsher-Mills uses iPads and Wacom tablets to create bright, celebratory and poignant works exploring themes of disability. His digital drawings are then translated into huge inflatable works or...


YARA + DAVINA: Arrivals + Departures

22 Jul–14 Aug 2022

Arrivals + Departures is an interactive installation that explores life and love through our experiences of birth and death, two emotive moments that are common to us all no matter who we are, and...


Roger Hiorns: A Retrospective View of the Pathway

6 Aug–4 Sep 2022

Roger Hiorns temporarily transforms the familiar YSP landscape with clouds of foam in this interactive artwork as part of the Summer of Love.  


Samantha Bryan: The Adventure So Far

17 Sep–23 Oct 2022

Working from her garden studio in West Yorkshire, the designer, maker and illustrator Samantha Bryan creates a delicate, humorous yet industrious species of fairy. 


Annie Montgomerie: Hand Me Downs

5 Nov 2022–26 Feb 2023

The theme of Annie Montgomerie’s work relates to childhood and the emotions intertwined in that precious stage of life. Combining this with a love of animals, Annie creates childlike figures...