Sculpture Spy

There are around 100 outdoor sculptures to be discovered at YSP. How many will you spy today?

Pick up a Sculpture Spy activity sheet from the Information Desk at the Visitor Centre to help you explore during your visit, or download it here.

Pick up a map and challenge yourself to find all the sculptures on the activity sheet. Enjoy a walk through the Formal Gardens and down to the lake. Stroll through the Country Park on your journey back to the Visitor Centre.

How far to spy every sculpture? 3.5km / 2 miles (allow approx. 90 minutes). Don’t worry if you don’t find all the sculptures today. Come back and visit again.

What is it like underfoot? Gravel and grassy paths with inclines. Can get muddy in wet weather.

Share your finds on social media and tag @YSPsculpture #YSPFamily #YSPSchools

When you discover a sculpture…

1. Move all around it. Take it in from all sides. Can you see through it? Under it? Over it?

2. Look closer and listen carefully. What colours and patterns can you see? Can you feel the wind blow through it?

3. Think about how the sculpture makes you feel. What if it was bigger or smaller? Or made from something completely different?

Download the Sculpture Spy activity sheet