Henry Moore: Large Two Forms

Henry Moore was born into a mining community in Castleford and went on to become one of the world’s most celebrated artists. He was the first Patron of YSP and made a promise that there would always be a display of his work here, so close to where he was brought up.

Large Two Forms can be found in the Country Park – Moore’s favourite area of the Bretton Estate, where he enjoyed seeing his sculptures surrounded by sheep.

The colossal sculpture is impressive in both scale and composition, appearing very different from every angle and continuing the theme of points that almost meet, which appears in much of Moore’s work.

Detail of Jonty Wilde Moore Large Two Forms at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Moore’s popularity grew significantly after World War II and by 1950 he was receiving important commissions, notably Reclining Figure for the UNESCO building in Paris completed in 1957.

As Moore’s career progressed, his work began to get larger in size. The public commissions enabled him to significantly increase the scale of his work and he began employing assistants, among them Anthony Caro and Phillip King, allowing him to become more ambitious in terms of size and construction.