James Turrell: Deer Shelter Skyspace

James Turrell’s practice is concerned with light and space, and he has been building Skyspaces since 1974. A Skyspace comprises a chamber containing only seating, lighting and an aperture in the ceiling through which to view the sky. They give space for thought and alter our perception of light.

In 1993 Turrell stayed at YSP’s Archway Lodge whilst working on a commission for the Henry Moore Sculpture Trust Studio in nearby Halifax. Whilst exploring the landscape he became fascinated by an 18th century deer shelter in what was once the estate’s Deer Park. He drew up plans for a Skyspace within the structure, but the project was not realised until 2006, when The Art Fund enabled the commission through their generous support.

The Deer Shelter Skyspace creates a place of contemplation and revelation, harnessing the changing light of the Yorkshire sky. It allows us to take time to sit, to think, and to contemplate; an open invitation to access a peacefulness that is often denied in our busy lives that abound with technology and speed.