Peter Randall-Page: Mind Walk

Mind Walk is the latest in an ongoing series of works exploring the idea of one continuous line circumnavigating a three-dimensional form in such a way that the line traverses the entire surface of the stone. The stone in this case is a granite boulder from Bavaria shaped by ‘onion skin weathering’ as a result of thermal and chemical erosion.

"Of course, there are an infinite number of ways that a line can traverse a form and my intention was to respond improvisationally to the given shape of the naturally eroded boulder whilst ensuring that the meandering line was continuous and covered the entire surface of the stone. An endless line traversing a boundless form is a kind of microcosm, like a little bit of infinity. When carving a line onto a stone I often have the sense of traversing topography on a small scale; like beating a path across its surface in a spirit of discovery and adventure.

Mind Walk was commissioned by Penny Collier in memory of her late husband Anthony Collier, who was a gifted artist, arts promoter, architect, and entrepreneur. Anthony lived with motor neurone disease for over ten years and was unable walk the landscapes which were a source of his work. He found a new way to creatively engage with them by recreating walks in his mind, juggling words and ideas and collaborating with other artists. He called this process Mindwalking.

Anthony initiated an innovative sculpture programme on the borders of Wales and had talked to me about my possible involvement in the scheme. This commission is a reflection of this wish."

Penny wanted the sculpture to be enjoyed by as many people as possible so has made Mind Walk available to be seen at YSP on long term loan. She also owns a small domestic scale version of the sculpture at her home in Shropshire.

The work joins Envelope of Pulsation (for Leo) on display at YSP.