Bruce Beasley: Advocate IV

In 1995 YSP staged a retrospective of Bruce Beasley’s work, which was his first major exhibition in Europe. Advocate IV celebrates our long-standing relationship with this significant and innovative artist.

Inspired by geometric forms, Beasley’s sculptures are often made up of these shapes, and in particular cubes. He uses computer software to design three-dimensional forms without the constraints of gravity. These configurations are then translated into bronze. As with Advocate IV which appears to be balancing, the design method contributes to the precarious appearance of Beasley’s sculptures.

Embodying an interesting fusion of the intentional and chaotic, Advocate IV is made up of intersecting cubes. Beasley compares his sculpture to the individual notes of musical composition – alone they carry little emotion, however once combined together, can affect the audience on a much grander scale.