Peter Randall Page: Envelope of Pulsation (for Leo)

Envelopeof Pulsation (for Leo) is made from the granite of Blackenstone Quarry in Dartmoor, Devon. Carved repeating shapes cover the vertical faces of the work and follow the contours of the granite block. At the top, these forms appear to have been cut through, implying that they go right to the heart of the work, like an ever-dividing cell. Randall-Page is fascinated by the science of growth and spontaneous pattern formation in nature, which teeters between order and chaos.

The title of this sculpture, together with the interlocking shapes on its surface, that could almost appear like scales, make the work feel ripe with energy and the potential for growth. Envelope of Pulsation (for Leo) is dedicated to the artist’s late friend, who owned Blackenstone Quarry.

Detail of Peter Randall Page Envelope of Pulsation For Leo 2017 Courtesy the artist at Yorkshire Sculpture Park