About Annie Montgomerie: Hand Me Downs

Focusing on the enjoyment and sometimes agonising experience of childhood, Hand Me Downs is the largest exhibition of works by internationally renowned UK based mixed-media artist Annie Montgomerie.

Drawing on her love of animals, Montgomerie creates expressive anthropomorphic creatures that convey a range of magnified childlike emotions. Cats, lambs, foxes, and dogs often feature in her collections, each one covered in layer upon layer of retro fabric, strategically placed to replicate the differing directions of the fur or skin, achieving a ‘loved-to-death’ threadbare look. Their bodies are made from vintage finds, usually from the 1970s and 1980’s, adding a sense of nostalgia to each piece. They often appear sad or lost – a representation of her own feelings of inadequacy as a child.

A skilled mould maker, Montgomerie finds inspiration in vintage photographs, old school class photographs, animal photography, vintage textiles and flea markets. Preferring to work in 3D, sculpting with clay is often her way of sketching ideas to begin the creative process. Starting with the face, she forms the expression and personality with layers of muslin and glue to create a hard outer shell before creating the body and clothes from foraged finds.

Having exhibited two small collections previously at YSP, Hand Me Downs is Montgomerie’s largest exhibition to date with 30 unique pieces available to purchase at YSP Shop in the YSP Visitor Centre. A special edition vinyl figure based on Fuchsia the sheep and specially developed merchandise, will be available to purchase exclusively in YSP Shop and online.

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