About Abigail Burt: Lost-Wax for Lost-Species

Lost-Wax for Lost-Species is a project by artist Abigail Burt that reflects on the climate crisis, species loss, conservation and activism through the process of sculpting and lost-wax bronze casting. Throughout the summer, everyone is invited to make an animal in wax, with a focus on UK species in decline. Take time to mould, shape and sculpt as an act of collective care towards at-risk species. The collection of sculpted animals will grow throughout the summer.

Data collected in 2019 showed that species in the UK have declined since the 1970s. Wildlife has been depleted by years of pollution, persecution and habitat loss. The State of Nature Report looked at 8,431 species: 41% had decreased since 1970, 15% were at risk of extinction and 133 had already become extinct. Some species have already been lost in Yorkshire, and many which were once common are now at risk.

Lost-Wax for Lost-Species explores this critical issue through the ancient technique of lost-wax casting. Cast bronze has been used for thousands of years to create monuments, objects for rituals, and art that tells important stories.

Burt’s project considers the disappearance of the natural world around us, while celebrating the creatures and landscapes that we share our lives with. She invites us to recognise the magic, wonder and characters of animals at risk, summoning a wildness into the Bothy Gallery. The growing collection of animals expresses hopes for the future and shows our collective commitment to slow this loss and nurture recovery.

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