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Walk of Art 2

Be one of only 10,000 people to feature on Walk of Art 2, our stunning artwork by Gordon Young and Why Not Associates.

Place your name on Walk of Art 2

The current batch of Walk of Art 2 plates have been installed. If you placed your order on or before 31st August 2021 your name is now in place on the Walk of Art 2.
We are now taking orders for the next batch of plates to be sent to the foundry in Winter 2022. We anticipate these will be installed in late 2022 - early 2023. Any orders received after 31st August 2021 will be included in this batch. 

‘Be a Part of Art’ by placing your name, family name or that of someone special on Walk of Art 2. This wonderful, lasting artwork will be seen and enjoyed at YSP for years to come, forming an extraordinary walkway leading to The Weston.
Walk of Art 2 is your chance to be a permanent part of YSP and to help secure our future. 

Walk of Art 2 is formed of cast iron plates and builds on the original and immensely popular steel, Walk of Art created at YSP main entrance in 2002. A total of 10,000 names, set across 200 plates*, are needed to complete this ambitious art project.

Walk of Art 2 grows in phases, with the first 74 plates cast and in place at YSP. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the next phase of Walk of Art 2
We are relying on you as fans of YSP to become a part of art – spreading the word to friends and family would really help! See our architectural plan which shows where we are now and where we want to be.  

Place your name on Walk of Art 2

If you would like to place an order including different family names or a middle name please email your contact details to support@ysp.org.uk and we will be in touch. 

£125 per name
£175 for a family name
£450 for four names
£5 for a Walk of Art 2 certificate

Please use these examples when calculating your names:
Michael Cook = 1 name, costs £125
Michael & Ayesha Cook = 2 names, costs £250
Michael, Ayesha & Connor Cook = 3 names, costs £375
Michael, Ayesha, Connor & Suki Cook = 4 names, costs £450 (discounted from £500)
The Cook Family = 1 family name, costs £175

YSP Friends and Patrons are entitled to a 10% discount. Click here to join YSP Friends, from just £25 a year.

YSP is a registered charity, you can see more here about how we are funded. 

NB: Unfortunately, we don't accept group, club or company names on the Walk of Art 2. If you represent a group, club or company please get in touch to find out about partnerships. 

* Timescales are driven by demand and we cannot give a definite date for production. It takes approximately 12 weeks for the plates to be created and installed once sent to the foundry. We’ll let you know when your name is on Walk of Art 2 with your plate number. We are currently taking orders for the fourth batch of plates which we anticipate will be sent to the foundry in Winter 2022.  

About the Artists

Gordon Young, the leading UK artist behind Walk of Art 2, is renowned for his public art projects that often use words, phrases and names using eye-catching typography. His much-loved artworks bring people and places together, such projects include; The Comedy Carpet in Blackpool, Singing Stone at the University of York, and Cursing Stone in Carlisle. Why Not Associates, who regularly collaborate with Gordon, are award-winning graphic designers, internationally acclaimed for their innovative creativity.

The stories behind Walk of Art 2

We have been touched by the heartfelt testimonials of people who have made dedications to loved ones, family members and friends. We've shared some of their stories below.

"My family used to live in Darton and growing up, the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was a big part of our lives. We spent many weekends as kids exploring the sculptures, checking out the bugs in the pond, playing poohsticks on the bridge, sledging in the country park, bike rides to the park and hanging out there with friends when we got older. Many, many happy memories.

I now live in America and my sister lives in the Midlands, but a few years ago I was able to get back and brought my son to visit. It was wonderful to make new memories there with him.

I’m very glad we can continue to support YSP, I’m looking forward to surprising my sister with the gift of this donation and I hope to get back again once the pandemic is over to visit with her and her family and see our family names on the Walk of Art 2. I really wish it was on our doorstep still!" 

Ruth Townsend

"I ordered the name of my godchild Charlotte Marie Hirst to be on the YSP Walk of Art 2. Here’s a little snippet why...

I’ve lived in Yorkshire all my life and have fond memories of the YSP in every season, covered in mud, trudging through snow, catching leaves. For me it symbolised adventure and somewhere I could explore and relax to my heart’s content.

​When I was born, my mum put our names on the Walk of Art 1, and it gave me a real sense of belonging, that a part of us paved the way into this wonderful world.

Now I’m an adult, I want the same thing for my godchild, Charlotte. I hope that she comes to love the YSP just as much as me, and believe her engraved name will come to embody all the lovely memories we create together in years to come."

Jessie Meyer

We filmed the test cast of one of the name plates at Fowler & Holden in Grimsby. Below, Nick Kitchen talks about the process of casting.