Art and the environment

YSP has a strong connection to its landscape, history and native habitats, which help to make it such a special place. From the historic residents of Bretton Hall who made their mark on the landscape by creating our lakes and planting trees, to the team who care for the site today, the environment is a key part of YSP.

We have always sought out artists that create work in an environmentally conscious way, from David Nash, who reduces any harmful impact on our surroundings by utilising nature itself to create his work, to Leo Fitzmaurice, who draws our attention through clever use of language and form.

Some of these sculptures may not be instantly recognisable, blending in to the landscape and changing with it over time. Some, like Silence – Alone in a World of Wounds, have been designed to evolve across their lifespan. Many, like David Nash's Seventy-one Steps, are site specific and appear simply as practical solutions.

These artworks complement our natural environment seamlessly. Use our guide and spot them all while exploring.