About Transparency: A National Partners Programme exhibition from the Arts Council Collection

Taking the exceptional light qualities of the historic Chapel as inspiration, this exhibition explored the condition of transparency and in so doing responded to the particular aesthetic of the 18th-century building. 

Transparency was the second in a series of exhibitions from the Arts Council Collection's National Partners Programme.

The notion of transparency is extended by considering the multiple meanings of the word: from the property of transmitting light, being diaphanous and having clarity, to being free from pretence or deceit, of being readily understood, and characterised by visibility or accessibility of information. Including work by Hiraki Sawa, Garth Evans and Yelena Popova, the exhibition considered how artists have investigated subjects such as truth to material, the everyday or ordinary, and material and psychological transparency. Produced during a period when the demand for truth and transparency from politicians, corporations and other institutions was especially evident, Transparency reflected a shifting sentiment in British culture.

This exhibition was part of the Arts Council Collection National Partners Programme supported by Arts Council England

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