National Arts Education Archive

The National Arts Education Archive (NAEA) was established in 1985 to provide a documentary trace of the development of arts education in the UK and internationally from mid-19th century to the present day. The archive has an extensive library of arts education containing documents, artworks and artefacts unique in historical value. With expert staff knowledgeable in the arts available to advise, the archive offers a body of knowledge grounded in well-established theories and conceptual schemes giving intellectual coherence to voices from the past. It has national accreditation status by The National Archives.

The archive has excellent facilities and resources for creative learning and research activities including a small gallery for displays and presentations, a large reading room for study, seminar and classroom activities. Student placements for undergraduate and post-graduate students and volunteering opportunities are on offer. With one of the largest collections of children's art and art education material in the country and staff available to help, the archive is well resourced for researching and inspiring creative activities.

Finding the NAEA

The NAEA is a short walk from the Learning Centre at YSP. The Information Desk in the main Visitor Centre can provide directions. Please note, major construction is underway around the area surrounding the Archive.

Access to NAEA is available by appointment on Tuesdays each week. Email or phone 01924 860690.

To look through the material and understand the competing initiatives and investigations by artists and teachers in that period is to recharge one’s batteries

- Artist and NAEA supporter Bob and Roberta Smith