Marc Quinn: Wilder Shores of Desire

Wilder Shores of Desire takes the form of large orchid, rendered in painted bronze. Taken from Quinn’s Flower series, these works explore the concept of idealised natural beauty and aspirations for perfection, often obtained through genetic modification or manipulation.

The exotic appearance and historic associations of orchids have made them a symbol long associated with love, fertility and purity. By creating them on such a vast scale, they become a beguiling presence, familiar and attractive, yet strangely unsettling. These works also raise questions about the innocence of beauty, as some of the most magnificent things found in the natural world can also be some of the most dangerous.

Appropriately, in the context of YSP, the work is sited in a man-made landscape that was conceived as a pleasure ground in the 18th century, overlooking a vista of imported plants and trees.