Dillan Marsh and Eleanor Clare Woods: The Poacher’s Lament and Other Half Heard Tales

The Poacher’s Lament and Other Half Heard Tales is a digital and audio artwork developed from onsite research, field recordings and archive material, which visitors can experience using headphones via a smartphone app.

It features a collection of fictional narratives spoken, sung and performed by both real and fictional characters, and creates a multi-sensory experience for visitors as they wander around the Park.

A launch event on the spring equinox saw two masked figures representing mythological gatekeepers lead a processional performance tour around Upper Lake to celebrate the turning of the seasons. Informed by the space between sculpture and landscape, ancient monuments and ritual, Marsh and Clare’s work considers our relationship with the land. This project is supported by Bergen Kommune, Billedkunstnernes Verderlagsfond and Office for Contemporary Art (OCA) Norway.

To experience The Poacher's Lament and Other Half Heard Tales on your own iOS or Android smartphone, download the free Echoes app. Make sure you have GPS enabled, plug in your headphones and start walking around the Park.