Marialuisa Tadei: Octopus

Taking inspiration from the shapes and elements found in nature, Marialuisa Tadei is known for producing work using bold colour and materials, including mosaic, glass and bronze, and creates sculptures that have spiritualistic qualities. She creates works of art that sit between reality and the imagery of dreams.

Octopus (Polipo) is formed of hand-cut, coloured glass tiles which are carefully pieced together over the concrete and steel structure. It is a key example of Tadei’s use of mosaic to elevate everyday forms into a more ethereal realm. Her octopus is larger than real life, and by using shades of red, orange, blues, greens and pinks, she creates an enchanting, mystical and otherworldly sea creature that seems to belong in fantasy.

The pieces I create are works of art that seem to me as if they might be found in our dreams, reminiscent of another world.

- Marialuisa Tadei