Brian Fell: Ha-Ha Bridge

Fell’s longstanding relationship with YSP began as a student, and he was awarded a Henry Moore Fellowship in 1990 at the Park, where he continues to practice from his studio. In creating Ha-Ha Bridge, Fell has provided an elegant design with a strong connection to its setting. A common feature in 18th century landscape design, a ha-ha maintains uninterrupted views and marks land boundaries, examples of which can be seen here across The Bretton Estate.

Fell’s bridge incorporates the word into its sides, not only referring to the ha-ha beneath, but gives the viewer an amusing reminder of the supposed coining of the term in the late 1600s, derived from the French expression of surprise – ‘haha’ or ‘ah ah!’ – from walkers discovering unexpected obstacles on a path. Fell also evokes the expression the joy of being amongst nature and uses Corten steel that weathers and complements the characteristics and colours of the surrounding woodland.