About Nigel Hall: 12 Images 12 Poems

Nigel Hall is one of Britain’s most distinguished sculptors, elected to the Royal Academy in 2003 and with work in collections around the world, including Tate and MOMA.

His abstract drawings and geometric sculptures are concerned with three dimensional space, mass and line. His work gives as much prominence to voids and shadows as to the solidity of material and each work changes with light and viewpoint reflecting the landscapes that inspired them.

Hall collaborated with writer, curator and poet, Andrew Lambirth on a beautiful set of twelve screen prints and poems, which evolved from conversations based on the calendar months, our seasons of love and of loss. Presented in a solander box, each print was presented in a card folder together with a printed poem.

Highlighting Hall’s desire to showcase many levels of subtlety and to parallel the richness and delicacy of his drawings, multiple screens were created for each print in order to build a very thin, transparent layer of colour, one on top of the other. Each colour was layered several times to reach the high level of saturation required.

The works were printed by hand onto 300gsm acid-free Somerset paper at the Print Studio in Cambridge and are created as an edition of 75. They were then available as a boxed set of 12 or as individual prints from YSP Shop.