About Hannah and Jasmine Cash: Meet the Artist and pop-up exhibition

Hannah Cash, YSP’s 2019 Yorkshire Graduate Award, returns this August with her collaborator and sister Jasmine. Drop in at the YSP Bothy Gallery to meet the Visiting Artists and find out more about their YSP project.

Based at YSP in September 2019 they have developed new work, on display in the gallery. Find out more about their practice, influences and their time spent here at the Park as YSP’s Yorkshire Graduate Award recipient.

Through working collaboratively with her sister Jasmine Cash, who is a dancer, their work aims to examine the encounter between body, movement and sculpture. Approaching film-making as collage, she attempts to form abstract narratives, which are constructed around notions of materiality and physicality between bodies. Through the use of dancers, the work will look at embodying and transforming sculpture to confront the notion of materiality.