About Editions and Objects: Yorkshire Sculpture Park presents St. Judes

‘a privileged glimpse into the extraordinary creativity at work behind one of our favourite British brands ’

- The English Home

In partnership with St Jude’s, YSP presented a unique group exhibition showcasing the best of contemporary UK art and design. 

Displayed throughout YSP Centre, Editions and Objects featured some of the most well respected artists, designers and makers working in the UK today. Selected by Amanda Peach, Retail Programme & Development Manager at YSP, and Simon Lewin, co-founder of St Jude’s, the exhibiting artists were Jonathan Ashworth, Christopher Brown, Chloë Cheese, Melvyn Evans, Jonathan Gibbs, Peter Green OBE, Katy Hackney, Mark Hearld, Angie Lewin, Karen Mabon, Charles Shearer, Terry Shone and Emily Sutton.

Working with the theme of editions and multiples, each artist presented a selection of limited edition prints and objects – ranging from screen prints and lithographs, through ceramics and woodcuts, to jewellery and scarves – and new works created specifically for the exhibition.

Editions and Objects expands on an existing relationship between YSP and St Jude’s, two organisations committed to showcasing the work of inspirational artists. Founded by Simon and Angie Lewin in 2005, St Jude’s collaborates with an eclectic range of artists, including Mark Hearld, Ed Kluz and Emily Sutton, to create and print unique fabrics, cushion covers and wallpapers. St Jude’s were named winners in the Elle Decoration British Design Awards in both 2011 and 2012.