About Ami Horrocks: Yorkshire Graduate Award 2022

Ami Horrocks is the recipient of the Yorkshire Graduate Award 2022. Residencies have always been at the heart of YSP, offering opportunities for early career and emerging artists to reflect and move forward with their practice.

Horrocks’ practice explores landscape through the female lens, lost female histories and goddess theory, drawing inspiration from her own experiences of motherhood. She has spent her residency developing her performance and sculptural practice following her MA in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.

Folklore and mythologies are a central part of the artist’s research and thinking. During her time at YSP Horrocks has spent time working in the Boathouse and has been particularly drawn to water, inspired by the European folklore of Melusine, a female spirit of water. Horrocks has continued to develop her textile practice and has experimented with the ‘dirty pot’ method to transfer natural dyes from leaves to fabrics, echoing the re-occurring patterns that we find on different scales in nature, to create wearable, articulated sculptures. A new video work was also projected in the Boathouse that explores Horrocks’ connection to water in the landscape.