The YSP Code

Help us keep YSP beautiful and protect our precious works of art by following the simple rules below.

  • Don’t climb or sit on the sculptures.
  • Supervise your children at all times.
  • Keep your dog on a lead at all times and use the dog waste bins.
  • No ball games, kites, frisbees, skateboards or climbing trees.
  • Enjoy your picnic in designated picnic areas. No barbecues, gazebos, tents or deckchairs.
  • Put your litter in the bins.
  • Don’t pick the flowers and fungi.
  • Close gates behind you to protect our roaming animals.
  • Don’t feed the animals.
  • Horse riding? Please stick to the bridle paths.
  • No cycling. Please leave your bikes in our cycle racks.
  • Take photos for personal use, except where photography isn’t allowed. No drones.