Filming and Photography

YSP offers a stunning backdrop for photography and film. We ask that all visitors, commercial photographers and media follow the guidelines below.

Media filming and photography

We welcome film crews and press photographers. When pre-booked, we can accommodate most types of activity. Our spokespeople are available to speak on themes including contemporary and modern sculpture and public art.

Visit our media page to view the latest press releases and to download press quality images.

To arrange filming or photography, contact

Personal use

We allow photography and filming for personal use anywhere except the indoor galleries, unless otherwise stated.

Personal photos taken at YSP may not be sold for commercial gain.

Personal photoshoots

We allow photoshoots with professional photographers for personal use, for example pre-wedding sessions or family portraits. Contact us for permission in advance. There is no charge for personal shoots but we do ask that you make a donation to support YSP.

Professional photographers undertaking personal photo shoots are not permitted to use photography taken at YSP for commercial gain.

Please note, wedding day photography is only allowed if you have hired YSP as your venue.

Commercial photo shoots

With 500 acres of rolling landscape and award-winning architecture, YSP makes an ideal location for a variety of commercial shoots. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to negotiate a location fee.

Please note, prior permission is required from the artist and/or YSP should you want to feature sculpture in your shoot.

Please consider other visitors when taking photos or filming.


Drones are not permitted at YSP without prior permission.