Sculpture and Nature Hunt

Seek out sculptures and discover the beauty of nature at YSP.

Pick up our Sculpture and Nature Hunt from the Information Desk or download before your visit.

Share your discoveries with #YSPFamily

Find a sculpture:

  • That is as big as a skyscraper. Imagine it shrunk to fit in your hand.
  • That’s as interesting on the inside as it is on the outside. Why might it be important to think about the
    inside of a sculpture?
  • You would like to borrow and place outside your home or school. What do you think your neighbours and friends would think?
  • That makes you ask questions. Ask someone in your group your question.
  • That helps you connect to nature. How else could you notice nature?
  • That has a powerful message. What message would you like heard?
  • That is about family. What could you make to tell others about your family?
  • That has a group of animals, real and imagined. Which animal represents you?
  • That touches the sky. How many times would you fit into this sculpture if you were placed end to end?
  • That turns your view upside down. How does art make us rethink things?
A female figure wearing jeans standing on a white plinth at the edge of a lake, surrounded by foliage
Two Canada geese standing next to a lake

Discover nature’s treasures and find:

  • Five different trees: touch their bark and leaves. What do you notice?
  • A long feather and a tiny feather. Why do birds have different types of feathers?
  • A place where you feel relaxed. Shut your eyes and notice the sounds around you. How many different sounds can you hear? How many were from nature?
  • A minibeast that has made YSP their home. Think about how many creatures live at YSP. Why do you think they live here
  • A place where you want to take your shoes off and feel the ground beneath your feet. What do you notice?
  • Seven twigs. Create a stick drawing for others to discover. What other nature treasures could you add?
  • Something beautiful. Why do you think it is beautiful?
  • Something that will change in different seasons. How do you change throughout the year?
  • Something that has died. What else does this make you think about?
  • Gaze out at the lake and watch the birds in flight. Imagine what they think about the sculptures at YSP.