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Roger Hiorns: A Retrospective View of the Pathway

Open Air
Summer 2022 – dates TBC

As part of YSP’s 45-year anniversary celebrations, Roger Hiorns brings his interactive foam installation to transform and activate the landscape in summer 2022.  

Hiorns’ work is based on a progressive idea of pushing forward and deviating from established norms of sculpture production. He proposes new forms alongside the adaptation, re-use and transformation of existing objects. A Retrospective View of the Pathway comprises large-scale stainless-steel tanks, a compressor and bubble solution.

The work is activated at certain times of the day, to produce giant clouds of foam clusters. The clusters are shaped by wind and spread across the landscape, blurring the lines between the parkland and art and questioning traditional physical boundaries of sculpture.

By introducing this unusual and alien material to the surrounding greenery of the natural setting, Hiorns celebrates the joy and fascination of change. He places people at the centre of this interactive work by inviting visitors to engage with it as a place of liberation for both children and adults.