About The Printed Peanut: Tin Decorations and Tin Wreath Making Workshop

Work with illustrator Louise Lockhart AKA The Printed Peanut to create unique, hangable decorations from recycled golden tomato puree tubes. Inspired by Mexican folk art, Louise has developed her signature paper cut outs into charming metal shapes.

Louise will open the workshop with a brief introduction to her work and her creative journey so far. Then she will demonstrate how to transform the tin tubes into a decoration by cutting out your shape and embossing with hand drawn lines.

The morning will be learning about the possibilities of the material, experimenting and making decorations, with Louise sharing a wonderful selection of resources to inspire you. In the afternoon you will develop the decoration ideas into a beautiful tin wreath, with Louise on hand to help you realise your design.

What to bring to the workshop:

Any images of leaves, birds, animals that they find interesting (but we will provide examples).

It is good for participants to have some confidence in drawing. We can provide paper templates for people who are feeling nervous of drawing so anyone, regardless of ability can get an attractive result.

What’s included:

  • Entrance to YSP.
  • Refreshments on arrival and a hot buffet lunch.
  • All materials and equipment.
A wire wreath decorated with tin mistletoe and holly.

About the artist:

Louise Lockhart is an illustrator from Yorkshire. She starts most of her designs from cutting shapes out of paper. Inspired by Folk Art, print ephemera and vintage textiles, her work is playful and nostalgic, often infused with narrative and humour. Louise loves to create products for her shop The Printed Peanut and has applied her designs onto everything from printed textiles to bars of soap.

Dates and Times

This session will run from 10.00 til 16.00

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