About Light, Sleep and Wellbeing Connection

During the winter while nature rests, join us for a guided visit to the Light Organ - an interactive experience bringing sound and light to our Chapel. We will visit James Turrell’s Skyspace on our journey back to the Visitor Centre, where you will have an opportunity to learn how sleeping well benefits our physical and mental health. We will share tips on maximising our sleeping well potential, including why, even on the gloomiest, darkest of winter days it is essential for our wellbeing to spend time outdoors. We will discover how time in nature, light, and connection to the rhythms of nature can support our physical and emotional health.

This session will be led by Sara Kendrick, a sleep and wellbeing specialist.

Hot drinks and pastries served on arrival from 09.30, before the walk starts at 10:00-13:00

Dates and Times

  • Hot drinks and pastries from 09:30, event duration 10:00-13:00 Book Now