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Pat Naldi

5 Sep–18 Sep 2016

Pat Naldi, the UAL YSP graduate award for 2016, was on site until 18 September. During her time at the Park she researched and develop new work. 

Engaging with the [art] practice of site-specificity as contexts for and as research, her works are manifested through video, installation, outdoor projections, live events, publications, photography, website projects, television and radio broadcasts, and writing.


Pat Naldi is an artist whose practice is shaped and informed from an interdisciplinary approach that draws on contemporary art, visual culture, land and urban spatial practices, politics, and architecture. Key to her methodology is a critical enquiry and positioning of and within lived social space. 

Awarded a practice-based PhD from Central Saint Martins in 2015, her thesis The view: a historicised and contemporary socio-political mediation explored historical and contemporary urban/land/scape views and their effects citizens in order to question how these ‘views’ operate visually, are used spatially, and perceived conceptually, as a means of developing critical understandings of the socio-political construction of views, and how they shape and position how we relate societally and to public space. Her projects are exhibited internationally such as at Tate Britain, ZKM Center for Art & Media, Karlsruhe, Germany, and the International Rome Film Festival.