Adopt A Tree

By adopting a tree you can leave your mark at YSP, or commemorate someone or something special. We have pre-selected mature trees across the Estate for adoption. Tree adoptions support the ongoing maintenance of our 500-acre estate.

Please note, tree adoptions are currently suspended whilst we carry out essential tree maintenance and identify suitable trees for future adoption.

Our waiting list is currently closed.

Further Information

We will put your chosen name(s) and a short message on the specimen. You will receive a certificate and a map showing the location of your tree. You can view a commemorative book we will hold onsite at YSP by appointment. 

Can I adopt a tree as a gift for someone?

Absolutely! We can start your adoption on a chosen date too, be it a birth date, wedding day or another special occasion.

Can I pick the tree?

You can pick a ‘zone’ of the Park to adopt a tree. Mature trees have been selected by the Head of Estates for adoption. We cannot fulfil requests for specific trees.

Can I plant my own tree?

No, Adopt a Tree is a programme for existing mature specimens on the YSP Estate.

What if my tree is felled?

In the unfortunate circumstance that an adopted tree is damaged or needs to be felled, a suitable replacement will be offered.

Is it possible to scatter ashes or leave flowers by my adopted tree?

We ask that no flowers or memorabilia are left by trees at YSP, and that ashes are not scattered anywhere at the Park.

How can I view the Adopt a Tree commemorative book?

Contact the Development Team to arrange an appointment to view the book.

How will I know which tree I have adopted?

Each tree adopted will be tagged, with information including the species, a number, and will include the name(s) and a short message. The Development Team will let you know where your tree is.

Will the tree tag damage the tree?

No, stainless steel nails attach the adoption tag to the tree to prevent damage. Each tree is regularly monitored by the Head Gardener and Estates Team.

Where are the trees?

Trees have been selected across the Park and we have ‘zones’ with a limited number of trees available in each.