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Haeckels Eco Marine Hand Balm


Vitamin rich, fast absorbing hydration for hands and cuticles. This sought after moisturising hand balm contains a careful blend of fragrant coastal flowers and skin-softening natural emollients...


Haeckels Exfoliating Vegan Seaweed Block


This low-foaming, vegan friendly soap is free of synthetic fragrances and lightly buffs the skin with botanical particles. This luxurious hydrating and moisture rich seaweed soap leaves the entire...


Haeckels Lemon Balm Incense Cones


These wooden incense cones fill your home and space with the scent of fresh lemon grass.  Lemon Balm grows to 70–150 cm tall with oil rich leaves that a gentle lemon fragrance will come...


Ovis Large Sheep Soap


Ovis sheep milk soap has a very high protein and fat content, along with a high density of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents. When used on skin it has a nurturing and soothing effect,...


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