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Grenville Davey: Well

Lower Park

Well is based on the shape of a drinks can and relates to Pop Art, made famous by Andy Warhol in the 1960s.

1992 Turner Prize winner Grenville Davey’s work references 20th Century art practice and creates a dialogue between various, apparently conflicting, styles. 

Davey’s work focuses around geometry, in particular the philosophical relevance of the circle and its relationship to wholeness and endlessness. The original ‘pop’ can has been dramatically increased in scale and any indication of branding has been removed, emphasising the surface patina. Even the way the object was crushed, which simulates the qualities of the original, was carefully choreographed.

Although using the shape of a mass produced drinks can, Davey applies the same techniques to making sculpture as the ‘new generation’ artists. Including Anthony Caro and Philip King, these artists were interested in geometric shapes, tools and materials used in industrial establishments.


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