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James Capper: TREAD PAD pair 1

Lower Park

TREAD PAD pair 1 is a component for Walking Ship, a sculpture that has been in development since 2010 as part of a series of works that operate in water - known as the Offshore Division.

In 2013 YSP presented James Capper: Divisions, the first exhibition to survey his work to date. The exhibition showcased Capper’s ongoing interest in industrial machines and the aesthetic of mechancial power, including works from his Earth Marking, Material Handling, Carving and Offshore divisions. 

Four hydraulic knuckle boom cranes on the deck of the ship act as legs, allowing the sculpture to physically ‘walk’ out of the sea. The weight of the ship is supported by tread pads at the end of each leg; disc shaped feet with diamond treads.

The biggest project I have planned is Walking Ship–a 300 ton, walking light cargo ship (a Coaster)...The idea is that the ship will have a studio in its cargo hold for building experimental off shore sculptures, which could be tested afloat and sub-sea.


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