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Hemali Bhuta: Speed Breakers


Hemali Bhuta was Creative India Visiting Artist at YSP during the summer of 2012. As Bhuta spent time walking around the Bretton Estate, she became especially drawn to the trees and their related folklores. 

Buhta developed a number of ideas for subtle interventions within the landscape, which she intended would catch the eye rather than dominate the spaces they occupy. Speed Breakers are the roots of a fallen Beech tree, whose bark was traditionally thought to warn off snakes, cast in bronze and installed on the Oxley Bank walking route. 

These shallow routes seem to be transmitters, rising from one end and submitting to the other, as though they are swallowed back into the land. They suggest a growth of an unborn tree, or one that has died. They refer back to the Bronze age layered in the earth.