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Roger Hiorns: Untitled

Formal Garden

Untitled (2010) consists of two decommissioned Boeing EC-135c aircraft engines, which were once part of a US military surveillance plane used in Operation Looking Glass.

This programme ran from 1961 to 1998, with planes permanently in the air gathering intelligence and ready to take command of nuclear weapons should ground control be destroyed.

Concealed and inaccessible within the engines are crushed tablets commonly used to treat depression and the symptoms of trauma. By subtly altering and combining these existing objects and materials, Hiorns makes reference to the creation and alleviation of anxiety on both national and personal levels, making connections between global security and individual wellbeing. Pharmaceuticals, military aeronautical engineering, and covert surveillance are all powerful symbols of our modern era and can also be seen as methods and modes of control.
Untitled is on loan from the Arts Council Collection, the UK’s most widely seen collection of modern and contemporary art. It holds more than 8,000 works of British art from 1946 to the present day and is available for loan to public spaces across the UK. With more than 1,000 loans made to over 100 venues a year, it is seen by millions of people annually in public spaces.

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Night in the Museum: Ryan Gander Curates the Arts Council Collection

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Curated by leading British artist Ryan Gander, this major touring exhibition offered a unique view of the Arts Council Collection in its seventieth anniversary year.

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Roger Hiorns Untitled Limited Edition


Produced to coincide with the installation of Roger Hiorns Seizure (2008/13), at YSP, this edition is the first to be produced by the artist. Cast from a panel of copper sulphate crystals that...

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Roger Hiorns: Seizure

*Seizure is open at weekends and daily during bank and school holidays (based on Wakefield term times).


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