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Joao Vasco Paiva: Standard Kitchen

Lower Park

João Vasco Paiva is a Portuguese contemporary artist, who moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to complete his postgraduate degree in Creative Media. His work reflects urban environments and contemporary archaeology.

For Standard Kitchen 2017, Paiva worked with the people of East Bali, using the traditional method of carving large Batu Candi, a lava stone used in temples, shires and other religious constructions. Here at YSP, the subject matter and material of the work is in stark contrast with its surroundings, but is easily identifiable and invites interaction.
The work appears in the landscape like a piece of future archaeology. In the way that we learned about the lives of people before us from their surviving artefacts, such as cooking implements and dwellings, future researchers might find Standard Kitchen and have insight into the typical lifestyle and ritual of those living in the 21st century and their domestic spaces.


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