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Jørgen Haugen Sørensen: Supplement til Titlens Afskaffelse

Lower Park

Supplement til Titlens Afskaffelse, 2010 embodies Haugen Sørensen’s respect for and relationship with granite.   

After YSP organised his first solo exhibition in the UK in 1993, the artist developed a great interest in siting sculpture in the open air, enjoying the tough, uncompromising nature of granite, which is one of the hardest and most unyielding stones.

Largely self-taught, Haugen Sørensen is one of Denmark’s most eminent artists, whose style is free of rules and trends; life’s impressions and experiences are his subject matter. The claustrophobia, frustration and anger felt during childhood is explored within Haugen Sørensen’s practice and his works deal with universal human themes – life and death, love and suffering, violence, freedom of speech and power. Living throughout Europe has influenced his work and although working in many media, stone is particularly important as an ancient material that has power and 'sacred potency'. Haugen Sørensen sees a comparison between the construction of poetry and stone carving, believing they share similar thought patterns and slow processes. The unusual titles of his works are often a play on words and although regarding the sculptor as a three-dimensional story-teller, they are the only literal aspect of his work.


‘Art is important. It’s through art that society breathes. Artists open up possibilities for a society that might otherwise fossilize. We let in as much chaos as we can, as much chaos as we are allowed and which isn’t violent. That’s what we do.’

Jørgen Haugen Sørensen


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