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JocJonJosch: Eddy

The Anglo-Swiss-Slovakian collective JocJonJosch comprises Joc Marchington (b. 1976 UK), Jonathan Brantschen (b. 1981 Switzerland) and Joschi Herczeg (b. 1975 Slovakia).

Using their own collaboration as a testing ground, JocJonJosch aim to enhance their understanding of human identity and existence by investigating what it means and feels like to work as a collective and its impact on the individual.

Eddy is a round boat with three oars that is symbolic of the collective’s dynamic, in which Joc, Jonathan and Joschi wrestle toward a destination. There is a sense that each time one would attempt to move forward, his movement would be countered by the action of the other two, leaving them literally turning in circles.

Although Eddy can be rowed, its position in YSP’s landlocked historic boat house renders its functionality ambiguous, further emphasising the collective’s struggle on the journey.

The boat was built in collaboration with the Boat Building Academy in Lyme Regis.


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