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Mikayel Ohanjanyan: Diario

Mikayel Ohanjanyan’s work is grounded in his interest in humanity, in particular the uniqueness of an individual and the relationships we share with each other. Inspired by our inner and outer worlds, the artist conveys these observations through his sensitive use of opposites, contrasting light and airy spaciousness, with dark forms. 

Diario is a key example of Ohanjanyan’s interest in human relationships. Lying on an oversized iron table, blocks of marble are seemingly strangled by steel cables, penetrating the surface of the marble’s skin to reveal glimpses of its interior. With close observation, it is possible to find half-visible inscriptions hidden within the cracks, which in fact list the names of every person that the artist has ever met.
In this work, Ohanjanyan seeks to draw attention to the inherent value of life and mankind, and to the importance of every person, meeting and conflict we may have. The work acts as a reflection on the unique value of every individual, including those who we may only meet along the road, from our birth to the end of our lives.

‘During our lifetime, these acquaintances shape our identity, values, and human dignity; this happens independently from positive and negative experiences, character, temperament, traditions and places.’

Mikayel Ohanjanyan

Mikayel Ohanjanyan studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan before moving to Italy, where he still lives and works. He gained international recognition after representing the Armenian Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. Diario was first exhibited in 2016 as part of Frieze London, in the heart of Regent’s Park.


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