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Sophie Ryder: Crawling

Lower Park

This work has been removed from display for the Summer of 2019.

Ryder’s work includes human, animal and mythological figures, frequently melding forms to combine the attitudes and instincts of each.

Anthropomorphic characters are used both to explore the human condition and as a metaphor for Ryder’s own feelings. Over several years she has evolved an ongoing narrative around the female / mother figure of the Lady-Hare; a hybrid with the head of a hare, and its body modelled on Ryder’s own. These sculptures have the potential to forge powerful images charged with character and emotion which go well beyond representation.

Ryder’s treatment of the bronze surface is unique. At the initial plaster stage, she gouges out sections of her work and adds in elements to give texture. These range from car parts to domestic objects and plastic toys, adding to the enigmatic sense of the sculptures. This is evident in Crawling, where Ryder has placed countless found items in the mould for the cast bronze Lady-Hare.

"I sculpt characters and beings - the dogs, the hares, the minotaurs - are all characters beyond animal form. I am not interested in making a replica. If you would put a real hare next to one of mine you would see great differences" – Sophie Ryder


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