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Amar Kanwar: Six Mourners and The One Alone

As a part of Kanwar's 2013 exhibition, he was commissioned by YSP to create sculptural forms outdoors, for which he used timber from the 19th century Chapel organ that was dismantled due to irreparable damage. Six Mourners and the One Alone were a result of this, taking stories from the exhibition into the Yorkshire landscape through audio installations. 

Throughout his career Kanwar has shone a light on issues that permeate the Indian subcontinent, particularly since partition in 1947, making his breakthrough work Earth as Witness, for the Tibetan government in exile in 1994. Issues to which he has turned include sectarian division, rape, uprising and oppression, the spoken and sung traditions amongst the low caste, and here at YSP, the human and environmental cost of industry. In creating art around such complicated subject matter, Kanwar immerses himself in situations, becoming absent for long periods of time; and with respectful and extremely careful intervention, personal histories are accumulated and given form, and lone voices are heard.


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