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Learn a new skill in the New Year with Yorkshire Sculpture Park

23 Nov 2017

Start 2018 by learning a new skill with a range of sculpture courses at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).
Whether it’s wood carving or wax casting, metal working or plaster sculpting, YSP’s 2018 sculpture courses offer a chance to work directly with artists against an inspirational backdrop of sculptures by some of the world’s greatest artists, including Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth.
Suitable for all levels of experience, the sculpture courses range from affordable one-day tasters to in-depth five-day explorations. Every year over 130 people take part in the courses, which YSP has offered for nearly 30 years.
“This was beyond my wildest dreams and has shown me that, in spite of my reservations, even I was able to sculpt a reasonable piece!”
Sculpture course participant
Highlights include:
Sculpture Skills: Wax Casting
Two-day course: 12+13 May 2018 / £145
Explore the potential of wax in this two-day workshop with artist Liadin Cooke. Learn different techniques of working in wax, including making casts from clay patterns and using the material as the primary medium for creating sculpture.
Sculpture Skills: Sculpting in Plaster
Two-day course: 9+10 Jun 2018 / £135
Join sculptor Lewis Robinson in this two-day workshop to create your own free-standing tabletop sculptures in plaster, using wire armatures.
Stone Carving
Five-day course: 4–8 Jul, 15–19 Aug, and 5–9 Sep 2018 / £305
­Experiment with stone and different carving techniques to create a finished piece, led by skilled stonemason Marcia Bennett-Male. Using hand tools throughout, this in-depth course allows you to explore a detailed and intricate style of carving.
Stone Letter Cutting
Two-day course: 28+29 Jul 2018 / £145
Led by Marcia Bennett-Male, this two-day course gives a practical, hands-on insight into the discipline of letter cutting. Using various cutting techniques and simple fonts, participants will leave with finished carving in Ancaster limestone.
Winter Metal
Two-day course: 17+18 Nov 2018 / £270
Work with master metalwork sculptors Brian Fell and Owen Cunningham to realise your own metal project. You will explore different tools and machines, including both cold and furnace forging, and receive instruction in welding and cutting techniques.

Notes to Editors

2018 Sculpture Course Listings Information


Hot and Cold Sheet Metal (five-day course) 9–13 May 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £485
Sculpture Skills: Wax Casting (two-day course) 12+13 May 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £145


Sculpture Skills: Sculpting in Plaster (two-day course) 9+10 June 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £135
Stone Relief Carving (two-day course) 16+17 June 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £145
Midsummer Metal (two-day course) 23+24 June 2018 / 10.00–17.00 / £270


Stone Carving (five-day course) 4–8 July 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £305
Sculpture Skills: Wood Carving (two-day course) 21+22 July 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £135
Stone Letter Cutting (two-day course) 28+29 July 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £145


Stone Carving (five-day course) 15–19 August 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £305


Stone Carving (five-day course) 5–9 September 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £305


Winter Metal (two-day course) 17+18 November 2018 / 10.00–16.00 / £270 

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Stone Carving at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Photo © David Lindsay

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Metal Course. Photo © Chris Kenworthy

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Plaster Workshop at YSP. Photo © R Walton

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Stone Carving at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Photo © David Lindsay

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