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Art & Wellbeing at YSP

A visit to YSP not only provides a great day out but can give a boost to your wellbeing too.

Our unique environment, experiencing contemporary art in a beautiful landscape, seamlessly provides creative inspiration, physical exercise, and nature connection proven to enhance wellbeing.

· Looking at, learning about, and participating in the arts keeps us well, aids recovery and supports us to live longer lives that are rich and fulfilling.

· Spending time outdoors and having meaningful experiences with nature improves health and happiness.

Experiencing art in the outdoors at YSP combines both the five ways to wellbeing (Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Learn, Give) and the five pathways nature connectedness (Senses, Beauty, Emotion, Meaning, Compassion):

· Connect – experience art and nature through your senses. Share your experiences with others.

· Take Notice - appreciate the beauty, emotion and meaning in the art and environment.

· Be Active – walk through the landscape at YSP. Engage in active looking and sensory appreciation of art and nature.

· Learn – discover something new, find meaning in the art, yourself or the natural world.

· Give – care for and be compassionate towards the art and environment at YSP. YSP is a charity, your visit supports everything we do.

Appreciate and connect creatively

Enhance these steps to wellbeing by being creative on your next visit. Look closely, be mindful, and connect deeply with art and environment through your own creativity. So why not try sketching with a pencil, taking a photo, collecting for your scrapbook, writing a poem, or dancing across the landscape as you explore YSP.


We work with local, regional and national partners and funders to develop projects for a range of audiences. Our projects usually build on existing knowledge and experience, and are characterised by an enquiring and reflective approach. We want to stretch our understanding of the ways wellbeing is enhanced at YSP, and gain a deeper understanding of the different factors at play.
We have a unique combination of world-class art, outstanding nature and historic landscape, all of which are proven factors in benefitting health and wellbeing – and we are really curious about how these elements interact, and how we can work with this to produce wellbeing experiences, resources and events.
Our funded projects enable us to work with artists, researchers or evaluators to develop and create new projects and events. We have a longstanding partnership with South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Trust and new partnerships in development with Rotherham Open Arts Rennaissance, Sense and Ashiana Anti Trafficking.

Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith is inspired by contemporary artist Katrina Palmer’s The Coffin Jump (2018) and involves working with women’s centres in West and South Yorkshire. Leap of Faith will explore ways in which women who have experience of trafficking, domestic violence and/or mental ill health can use creative expression and equine-assisted therapy to benefit wellbeing and creativity.

Subject to Change

Subject to Change is a creative project for working aged people from Wakefield with lived experience of mental ill health. Artist Kate Sully is leading this project which incorporates creative activities with sociable lunches. Activities respond to the interests of the group – perhaps upcycling, drawing, making, sculpting, painting, with plenty of opportunity for breaks and refreshments. Fortnightly sessions offer regular opportunities to develop friendships, try new things and get to know the art and landscape of YSP.


Walk and Play YSP!

Visiting artists Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford are inviting visitors to join them to explore the Park through walking and playing. This interactive journey around YSP will help participants experience and engage with the Park in fresh, imaginative and even mischievous ways. Walk & Play YSP! follows in the wake of extensive research on how we interact with spaces we inhabit using props, prompts and games. The ‘walkshops’ are specifically designed to evoke memories and stories about play, walking and art. We view ‘walkshop’ participants’ ideas as central to the development of our artwork, which we hope will inspire others to Walk & Play YSP! 

‘The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist.’

Ananda Coomaraswamy

‘Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of autumn.’

John Muir

Art & Wellbeing Events

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