Phyllida Barlow: untitled: squatboulder; untitled: triplestackboulders

At first look untitled: squatboulder and untitled: triplestackboulders appear to be large stones. However closer inspection reveals the human presence in their creation. Untitled: triplestackboulders is mounted on castors, which adds to the absurdity of its seemingly natural appearance. These sculptures have a synchronicity with the landscape in which they are installed, as many aspects of YSP’s grounds that may seem natural have in fact been designed and created by hand.

Barlow’s practice is concerned with the relationship between objects and the spaces they occupy. Her works commonly uses found objects or inexpensive materials to investigate themes of detritus, waste, and recycling. Often deliberately playful, her works challenge perceptions of what sculpture can be. She layers and combines cement, plaster, timber, polystyrene, and paint. In using these readily available components, her works have a vulnerability and fragility, contrasting with the more durable traditional materials often seen in outdoor public sculptures.