Amar Kanwar: Six mourners and The One Alone

The Six Mourners and The One Alone is part of a body of work titled The Sovereign Forest, a response to the conflict in Odisha in India between local communities of farmers and indigenous tribes, and the Indian government and mining corporations.

The seven pipes represent a group of women from the collection of stories called The Counting Sisters, a handmade book made by Kanwar that features fictional characters. “The six Counting Sisters are mourners who count the dead, the disappeared and many more things and The One Alone counts the living.” The pipes, made from the irreparable organ that was removed from the YSP chapel following renovation works, have been inscribed with words giving voice to the seven women.

Amar Kanwar Six Mourners and The One Alone 2013 at Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The work was made for an exhibition at YSP by Kanwar in 2013 and is now perfectly positioned by Lower Lake, offering a moment of peace and contemplation.