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Visiting Artists and Pop-Up Projects

Since the very beginning we've offered artists a unique space to work and think. We continue to host artist residencies, graduate awards, open studios and laboratories for experimental and risk-taking practice, underpinned by the support of our curatorial and technical expertise.

Visiting Artists

Visiting Artist

Darcell Apelu

15 Sep–14 Oct 2019

Apelu is an artist of Niuean and New Zealand European descent, born in 1990 and raised in Mount Maunganui, on the north island of New Zealand.

Visiting Artist

Connor Shields

8 Apr–23 Apr 2019

The 2018 Yorkshire Graduate Award Connor Shields is a recent graduate from Leeds Arts University, whose sculpture and performance are concerned with his perceptions of ‘maleness’.

Visiting Artist


16 Oct–25 Oct 2018

RitaGT is an artist who lives and works between Luanda, Angola and Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Her work focuses on themes of memory, identity or the importance of human rights. 

Visiting Artist

Tianyou Huang

1 Aug–1 Oct 2018

Recent Royal College of Art graduate Tianyou Huang works in a wide range of media, including mechanical art, installation, performance, photography and painting.

Visiting Artist

Willem Boshoff

1 Jun–30 Jun 2018

Throughout June 2018, YSP will host a month-long research residency with Willem Boshoff, one of South Africa’s leading artists.

Visiting Artist

Marco Miehling: The Boatswain’s Reclaim

31 Mar–2 Apr 2018

Marco Miehling returns to YSP with his new project The Boatswain’s Reclaim, which has developed following his residency in 2017.

Visiting Artist

Gonçalo Birra: An Attempt to Interrupt Systematic Assembling Instincts

6 Nov–26 Nov 2017

Departing from the body and the ways in which its skin is affected by its encounters with others, Gonçalo’s practice unfolds into a re-writing of seemingly familiar scenarios where things...

Visiting Artist

Jenna Burchell

30 Sep 2017–31 Oct 2018

Songsmith (Yorkshire Sculpture Park) is an experimental artwork that includes clippings from a 500-year-old yew tree that have been gold electroplated, and reattached to the...

Visiting Artist

Marco Miehling

13 Aug–30 Nov 2017

YSP welcomes Marco Miehling, a German artist who recently graduated with a Masters from the Royal College of Art in London, as the current Artist in Residence at YSP. 

Visiting Artist

Amp Art: Refuge/e

18 Mar–26 Mar 2017

Refuge/e was a project that transported a shelter from Lebanon to locations around the UK, giving visitors a first-hand sense of what it is to be a Syrian refugee in the Middle East. The installation...

Visiting Artist

Ayesha Tan Jones

13 Mar–26 Mar 2017

Tan Jones first came to YSP on an initial research visit in September 2016. She then embarked on a new project, Whych craft? to explore the way in which we connect with our earth, post-witch...

Visiting Artist

Simon Armitage

1 Jan–31 Dec 2017

As Poet in Residence, Simon Armitage will visit YSP throughout the seasons in 2017 to respond to elements at the Park, from art to landscape, nature to people. He will create new work to be published...

Visiting Artist

Pat Naldi

5 Sep–18 Sep 2016

Pat Naldi, the UAL YSP graduate award for 2016, was on site until 18 September. During her time at the Park she researched and develop new work.   

Visiting Artist

Hoyeon Kang

1 Aug–31 Aug 2016

Kang’s installations explore the ways that natural scenery and landscapes can be represented through the positioning of everyday objects, such as newspaper, paper boxes and torches.  

Visiting Artist

Eva Frapiccini

21 Jul–31 Jul 2016

Dreams’ Time Capsule is a research and participatory project that first began in 2011 and attempts to create an international audio archive of dreams, collected from visitors during public...

Visiting Artist

Owl Project

4 Jul–17 Jul 2016

In Summer 2016, Owl Project set up a temporary studio in the lakeside Boathouse to develop new work that continued their investigation into early methods of production. 

Visiting Artist

William Darrell

21 Mar–27 Mar 2016

Darrell was a visiting artist at YSP for three weeks in 2015. During his time at the Park, Darrell developed the idea for Heavy Breathers.

Visiting Artist

Anton Burdakov: Assembly

29 Jun–19 Jul 2015

How do we want to live? Assembly explored this fundamental human question through using the artist studio as a medium to address our elusive yearnings and daily needs.

Visiting Artist

Clare Charnley: Spring Lamb Project

8 May–20 Jun 2015

In Spring 2015, visiting artist Clare Charnley spent 5 days at the Park encouraging lambs to play in the Spring Lamb Project. Charnley created temporary play structures for lambs, altering and...

Visiting Artist

York St John University Collaboration with YSP

As part of YSP’s ongoing relationship with York St John University, we are delighted to welcome two graduate artists to participate in pop-up presentations of their work alongside the...


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